Hypertension among Older African American adults


Chronic disease, Ethnic group, Hypertension, African Americans, Older adults, Stress, Physical exercise, Discrimination, Poverty, Socioeconomic stress


Hypertension has been found to be one of the most common chronic diseases affecting the majority of older adults in the African American community. For African Americans, stress, lack of physical activity, and dietary intake are three key factors that lead to a higher prevalence of hypertension in older adults. This essay expounds that stress in this ethnic group is mostly associated with the racial discrimination that they face throughout their lifetime. This occurs at the works places, the social places, and even in cases where this group of people is trying to access government services. Limited access to the main facilities as a result of racial discrimination significantly contributes to race-related stress and also Socioeconomic stress (SES). Lack of physical activities especially aerobic exercise and simple physical exercises for healthy living are lacking in this community. They are simply very inactive. High poverty prevalence among African American ethnic groups leads to poor dietary lifestyles which leads to consumption of unhealthy foods that are a hazard to their health.


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