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Cloud computing, AI prototypes, Systems administration, Artificial intelligence, Processing power, Telecommuting, Covid-19, PaaS, SaaS, XaaS, Natural language processing


The main aim of this paper is to look at the various cloud computing services that cover various virtual choices currently varying form administration, artificial intelligence, and the fundamentals of storage along with other things such as the different cloud-based services like the PaaS, SaaS and XaaS cloud based services. And this has been achieved by looking at the trends, the future, the risks and benefits while using and highlighting the common examples of each cloud-based service as indicated and mentioned above. Cloud computing is essentially any service that does not require one to be physically near the PC equipment being utilized in order to have a hands-on on the services or documents in use. The cloud computing market trends are segmented on the many techniques that have enabled organizations to promote their commodities and services on the web effort because of which cloud promoting services has the largest market share. According to the author of this paper cloud computing services are the ideal alternative for Artificial Intelligence that permits organizations to explore the cloud computing options that there are in the market. 


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