Thinking skills


Thinking skills, Problem-solving, Downsizing, Scaling back, Burnout


Thinking skills, also known as problem-solving in this paper has been described as the ability of an individual to be able to think on their feet, not necessarily have a reaction as soon as a challenge is thrown their way, but rather, be able to use information or evidence to solve problems and solve them successfully. There are various steps that ought and should be followed when it comes to thinking skills for problem-solving. An identification of the problem which is obviously starts with diagnosing the issue in order to understand what you are dealing with. Then move on to determining the root cause of the problem or problems if they are a number; this is the part where one investigates what has caused the issue and after identifying the causes, develop alternative solutions by finding a number of answers for the issue then select a solution to implement and evaluate the outcome. Thinking skills according to this paper is aimed at producing the best possible results in any case.


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